jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

Pottery and Internet

We are all crossing right now the frontier of five centuries of typographic domain replaced gradually by magical electronic devices. We live with anxiety into another age of language’s transformation because of the change in technology. It is painful,  but fruitful,  as Marshal McLuhan wrote explaining the nature of the Homo Typographicus (1962). This way Europe lived its xvi century. Its Renaissance was the sunset of 2,000 years of manuscripts to enter into the age of repetition and quantification of the printing press.
But let us clarify: only a fraction of language´s history has been alphabetical and solely a part of writing history has been typographical.  In Europe and in the Middle East from the first century B.C. to the 15th century A.D.  the book was a product of scribes or copyists but gone were the times when drawings and sculpture played the role of writing.

 This time again, our audiovisual-electronic age similarity has with pre- historic society when the shaman in the ritual before hunt,  after a repertoire of magic words, drawings on the wall of their caves and, symbolic artifacts in their sacred places, plunged the people into the fascination of visual images. This way the photographs that follow take us to look at an epoch without alphabetical writing but with amounted knowledge.
The proposal is to look into America when the current national and geopolitical borders did not exist, when women and men daily recreated the utilitarian, symbolic and ritual function of the clay, to appreciate through the voices of silence -the traditional name of sculpture- that there are knowledge, intelligence and feelings hidden behind the art and technology of archaeological pottery.


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